Ogden Point, Victoria, BC Canada

In July 2009 an interactive analemmatic sundial was installed on the pathway between Dallas Road and the breakwater at Ogden Point adjacent to the Victoria Pilot Station ((211 Dallas Road, V8V 1A1 – 48° 24.91N 123° 23.05W)). The 18-foot-wide sundial has one unique feature. It does not have a fixed gnomon as most sundials do, but uses the viewer as the gnomon. It also has brass Roman numerals and instructions to show users where to stand at various times of the year to ensure their shadow (it does need to be sunny) correctly indicates the time of day.

It is estimated more than 500,000 pedestrians walk over the sundial each year!

The sundial was designed and developed by local resident, Andrei Golovkine and Dr. Dmitry Monin. The sundial qualified as a BC 150 Legacy projected by Provincial Capital Commission of British Columbia. These projects celebrated British Columbia’s 150th anniversary in 2008.

Andrei Golovkine had previously worked with the Provincial Capital Commission in designing and developing the clock tour on the Tourism Victoria building at 812 Wharf Street.

The project was financially supported by the Provincial Capital Commission, the Ogden Point Enhancement Society, the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority and other community sponsors.

The Ogden Point Enhancement Society

Before the sundial was installed at the Ogden Point

Installation time….

It took us about a week to build the sundial

Dr. Dmintry Monin and me were working on sundial installation

Minister Kevin Krueger is joined by Minister of Healthy Living and Sport Ida Chong and two visitors to B.C.: Cydna Knebel from Seattle and her daughter Paget Knebel from New York City. Together with community partners, they unveiled a new beautification feature at Ogden Point: an interactive sundial – a BC150 Legacy project – near the breakwater entrance.

The project sponsored by The Provincial Capital Commission, Pioneer Builders Charitable Society, Ogden Point Enhancement Society, Greater Victoria Harbour Authority, Roger’s Chocolates, and W.B. (Red) & Fern McNulty


All people who helped to build the sundial

My daughter and me answering questions….


During the opening ceremony


The 21st Annual Conference of The North American Sundial Society.

In June 2015, about 50 members of the NASS from many different counties visited Ogden Point sundial